The essence of SALANIDA is sustainability and simplicity.

Hi there,

My name is Gabriele and I am the founder and creator of the knitwear brand SALANIDA. Since 2012 we’ve been following the path of slow fashion. Our knits embody effortless elegance and cozy comfort, crafted to stand the test of time. Inspired by our roots and living on the coast of the Baltics, we bring the sea's spirit into every stitch.

I invite you to embrace yourself in our cozy knits and join the journey towards a more caring and mindful future.


At SALANIDA, we are mindful of the concerns of the environment and the maker as much as the needs of the customer. We aim to offer premium and timeless pieces at accessible price. We work with natural Italian materials - 100% merino wool, alpaca, mohair as well as linen, cotton and eco viscose.

Local Production

Our entire supply chain is located in Europe, at the traditional cradle of clothing making. The yarns are spun in Italy, and the garments are knitted in Lithuania, at the family owned factory just couple of hours away from our studio. Close proximity of our production partners and possibility to work with on-demand and small batches allows us to be flexible and react quickly to changing demand. So we only knit what is actually needed - creating no leftover stock.

Technological Expertise

Impeccable quality and attention to detail is one of our cornerstones. Every technological decision affecting your wearing experience is carefully thought through by our professional in-house team.

Most of our styles have just one or two sizes as they are designed and engineered in such way to perfectly fit most people. Our knitted pants are stretchy and said to be most comfortable our customers ever had. They come in two sizes and length variations and also have an adjustable waistband ensuring the best sit on the waist. Yes, just like in children's clothes! Our clients agreed the fit was just perfect to adapt even during pregnancy.


We believe sustainability comes first in educating our community to choose consciously what and why we wear. More and more clients are looking for custom and unique pieces when it comes to building a meaningful, sentimental wardrobe. A large part of sustainability is owning better but less, caring for the things we already own and appreciating the manual hours put into creating them. Today there’s a real momentum behind the idea that purchases should be considered and cherished for the long term, and that the era of consumption for the sake of it is over.

Smart Wardrobe

Head to toe our knits are made for a smooth transition between home and office, morning to evening, city and nature. These pieces are designed to be versatile and timeless, rather than trend-based, so that they can be worn for multiple seasons and occasions. Most of our styles we continue to offer year after year.

The concept of the smart wardrobe centers on having a smaller selection of high-quality, well-fitting pieces that can be easily coordinated, rather than possessing a large number of items that may not be worn as often. Our collections are designed in such a way that they seamlessly integrate with previous ones making it easy to create a variety of stylish outfits.

Our Community

It’s became common that our customers turn into our friends and models. It happens because of their special relationship with our products, and our special relationship with them. The best compliment for us is to see them coming back and spreading the word about our cozy knits.

We deeply care about their experience throughout the entire journey of shopping with us. We co-create styles together, and are always ready to update even the smallest details that need to be improved. That human bond is essential at every step of our business.

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You may wonder why it's called Salanida?

It’s a play of two words - ‘sala’ means an island in Lithuanian and Nida is a place of inspiration. It’s a tiny town on the coast of Lithuania, surrounded by white sand dunes, ancient woods and windswept amber beaches. It's a tranquil sanctuary away from the bustling world. Here, time seems to slow down just enough to remind us to appreciate the little things in life. See and feel it yourself. You will love it. Promise.